Sports week and Vice-Chancellor's Cup

This year, Sports Week will expand to include a number of sports and activities and the Vice-Chancellor's Cup.

We require a team from each Faculty / Division to compete daily in teams of 4 (2 staff: 1M+1F, 2 students: 1M+1F). 

These can be the same members, or different members from Faculty / Division for each day. However, if you don't have a team and you are unable to compete, it will be deemed as a forfeit and no points will be rewarded for the day(s) missed.

Monday 11 September - Cornhole
Tuesday 12 September - Table Tennis
Wednesday 13 September - Volleyball
Thursday 14 September - 3x3 Basketball
Friday 15 September - VC Cup 800m relay race

Prizes will be awarded daily for each event. There will also be an overall prize awarded to the team with the most points collected throughout the week.

Please fill out this form to register your intention to enter.

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