The Future of Emotional Wellness

Future of emotional wellness

Imagine a future where innovative technology is seamlessly integrated with human connection. Where data meets wellness. Where artificial intelligence helps boost our emotional intelligence. That future has arrived.

Get ready for an enlightening discussion from Australia’s leading emotional wellness pioneers. Presented by Nathan Jones (Director, Mood Institute), you’ll dive headfirst into the world of human emotions and unpack the challenges of navigating them in the digital age.

Joining the panel of experts is Dr. Tiffany De Sousa Machado (Head of Wellbeing, Village Foundation), who will discuss the preservation of cultural touchpoints in our tech-driven era. Andrew Mooney (Partner and CGO at Social Kung Fu) will underscore the need for youth to possess both digital skills and verbal resilience. Christel Cherryadi (Creative Director, Creart Digital Media) will explore how AR, VR, and AI can enhance, not replace, human connections. Lastly, Joseph Cassar (Head of Product, will share the emerging ways in which AI can deepen our emotional understanding, not replace it.

The session begins with a one-hour dialogue followed by a 30-minute interactive Q&A, concluding with a relaxed networking session over six varieties of SCULL, South Australia's finest kombucha made from fresh local ingredients.

Excited about the brave new world ahead? Nervous? Terrified? In this exclusive event, we’ll cover the full emotional spectrum. Prepare to change the way you think about the future of emotional wellness.

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