Statement from the University of Adelaide: Waite campus and Gatehouse

Waite campus

Aerial view of the University of Adelaide's Waite campus, looking west.

Statement in response to comments by the State Minister for Infrastructure and Transport:

The University of Adelaide has a number of concerns about the Minister’s proposal.

The University is concerned that this is an attempt to shift responsibility for the future of the heritage-listed Gatehouse away from the State Government and onto the University, when actually the future of the Gatehouse is in question because of the Government’s planned upgrade of the intersection.

The University has made its position on the proposed intersection change very clear: we are entirely opposed to the acquisition of Waite campus land and its impact on the heritage of that land and the legacy of Peter Waite.

The Waite campus, which includes the Waite Arboretum, is held in perpetuity by the University and is a South Australian treasure.

A full and detailed analysis of the immediate and mid-to-long-term heritage and cost implications of relocating the Gatehouse and its impact on the rest of the campus has not been undertaken. That said, the Department itself is on the public record with an estimate that the relocation would cost far in excess of $2 million. Were relocation contemplated, the community’s views would need to be explored in depth and properly considered.

It is important to note that the University has yet to receive formal written notification from the State of its intention to acquire a portion of the land on our campus.

Once that notification is received, as the landowner the University will pursue its legal rights under the compulsory acquisition process. We will continue to make representations to government and the community about the need to protect the Waite heritage and the legacy of Peter Waite.

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