Could artificial intelligence be the antidote?

An x-ray image of a doctor's chest.

As the worlds of artificial intelligence and medicine collide, the possibilities are endless…but what about the risks?

The University of Adelaide’s Lauren Oakden-Rayner and Professor Lyle J Palmer will provide an insight into this innovative area on Tuesday 12 July at the Research Tuesdays lecture.

AI systems are detecting lung cancer, diagnosing diabetes, classifying skin disorders, and determining the best drugs to fight neurological disease—in many cases at faster rates than their human ‘colleagues’.

While the technology rockets forward, medical regulations are not so quick to evolve. Additionally, AI training for healthcare workers is virtually non-existent.

We may not need to worry about a ‘rise of the machines’, but what safety concerns should we consider? When machine learning meets medical science, what risks and potential harms should health workers be aware of? And what solutions can we work towards to ensure this exciting field continues to develop?

Come along and hear our AI champions contribute to this cutting-edge conversation.  


Lauren Oakden-Rayner is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), and the Director of Medical Imaging Research at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Professor Lyle J Palmer teaches genetic epidemiology in the School of Public Health at the University of Adelaide, and is a Senior Research Fellow at AIML. He has held appointments at prominent institutions worldwide, and been recognised for leadership in biomedical research with Fulbright and Churchill Fellowships, and other awards.

WHAT: Research Tuesdays: Antidote: AI

WHEN: Tuesday 12 July 2022, 5.30pm start. For in-person attendance the doors will open at 5.10pm

WHERE: The Braggs Lecture Theatre, University of Adelaide, North Terrace.

COST: Free (registration for webinar and in-person attendance).




WATCH A RECORDING LATER: A recording will be available on the Research Tuesdays Series YouTube within 24-48 hours after the event. This YouTube channel also has recordings of previous Research Tuesdays, including topics like ‘Crater to Plate: what will astronauts eat on Mars?’ and ‘Plant Power: the future of sustainability’.

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