Sweat partnership supports women entrepreneurs

ThincHer, the University of Adelaide's entrepreneur initiative for young women based at its business incubator ThincLab, launched a new partnership yesterday with Sweat, the leading fitness app trusted by millions of women worldwide.

Sweat x ThincHer Collaboration

ThincHer committee members

The collaboration will take business and leadership development for women students a step further, addressing the need for fitness and mental health support.

Empowering women to reach their full potential is at the core of ThincHer. It’s this that drew University of Adelaide student Oveena Widyaratne to join the initiative when it launched in 2023.

Oveena says the collaboration will help her succeed in her career goals.

As a woman in both STEM and Business, my career aspirations aim to break traditional barriers for women in both fields across the globe, build bridges that connect entrepreneurs with the programming and tech industry, and do my part in creating a positive impact in the world,” says ThincHer student ambassador Oveena who is studying a Bachelor of Computer Science.

ThincHer's focus on female entrepreneurship and leadership beautifully complements Sweat's dedication to empowering women by enhancing their health and wellbeing.

As the ThincHer student ambassador, I'm absolutely buzzing with excitement about how this partnership addresses a wide spectrum of women's needs. I have complete faith that the ThincHer community will be pumped to prioritise their wellbeing while chasing their dreams.

ThincHer equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel as entrepreneurs and leaders through a combination of interactive workshops, mentorship, experiential learning, and networking opportunities.

Recognising the unique challenges faced by women in higher education — including stress, mental health concerns, and the need for balanced wellbeing — ThincHer integrates comprehensive support systems to help participants navigate their future.

Through the sponsorship, Sweat will provide ThincHer students with exclusive six-month free access to its renowned fitness platform and will offer students personalised workout programs, meal ideas, and a supportive community to help them manage stress, improve mental health, and maintain physical fitness during their academic journey.

In addition to the platform access, a representative from Sweat will lead a masterclass for ThincHer participants, sharing insights on the importance of fitness in maintaining a healthy and productive life.

“This partnership acknowledges the interconnectedness among women in all walks of life — it's the right kind of confidence we need as two women-led communities and the perfect synergy centred around uplifting one another."Oveena Widyaratne, ThincHer student ambassador

ThincLab Director Zrinka Tokic says it is an exciting collaboration giving students the tools they need to excel as business leaders.

“I have always believed empowerment begins with self-care,” Zrinka says.

“Prioritising fitness and mental health isn't just about personal wellbeing, it is a strategic investment and lays a strong foundation for entrepreneurial and leadership development for women.

“Strong minds and bodies build resilient leaders who have the energy to drive change.”

Sweat was co-founded by Kayla Itsines who is an inspiration for women in business, growing from a backyard personal trainer to a global fitness icon. Oveena says the collaboration brings two like-minded initiatives together.

“This partnership acknowledges the interconnectedness among women in all walks of life — it's the right kind of confidence we need as two women-led communities and the perfect synergy centred around uplifting one another,” Oveena says.

ThincHer student ambassador Oveena Widyaratne

ThincHer student ambassador Oveena Widyaratne

“Kayla’s expertise will undoubtedly inspire me to push myself further, both in fitness and in my personal and professional pursuits, while the masterclasses will be a golden opportunity to glean insights from experts in both entrepreneurship and wellness.

“The collaboration will equip us with the essential skills to tackle challenges head-on, grow as a leader, and become, as Kayla puts it, the ‘BEST’ version of ourselves.”

Sweat CEO Adam Koch says the Sweat app has created a global community and transformed the lives of millions of women around the world, where the new collaboration will take this a step further.

“As a business, we pride ourselves on showing up every day to support women to be the best they can be and, as such, we are proud to be partnering with ThincHer to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to support and develop female entrepreneurs within the educational institutions throughout Adelaide and beyond,” he says.

“As co-founder, and head trainer at Sweat, Kayla Itsines has been a global powerhouse in developing the Sweat business as we know it today, an inspirational and influential entrepreneur herself who has dedicated her life to building a successful business to improve the lives of women right across the globe.”

Find out more about ThincHer and Sweat.

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