Industry Specific Courses

Coding Boot Camp

Become a web developer in 24 weeks. Learn a full stack, including the skills needed to become proficient front-end and back-end developer.


Contemporary Theories of Mentoring

Learn about the latest developments in mentoring, enhance your mentoring and leadership skills. Support your team and early career teachers.

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Family Business Accreditation Advisor Program

Comprehensive and accelerated accreditation as a family business advisor.


Family Law Arbitration

The ideal preparation for a career in family law arbitration, or guiding your clients through the family law arbitration process.

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Fundamentals of Brewing Science

A short course for boutique brewers and beer enthusiasts.

Gain an overview of the fundamentals of the brewing process and production, engage in a small scale brewing and guided beer tastings and participate in a beer masterclass.


Fundamentals of Spirit Production

A short course designed for boutique distillers. This intensive course takes a practical and industry oriented approach to provide an introduction to distillation theory and practice - before diving deeper into gin and whisky production.


Global Responses to Wellbeing Education

Learn about the latest developments in wellbeing education, reflect on your teaching and lead with confidence.

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Nutrition: Healthy Eating

Learn the fundamental knowledge about dietary guidelines and healthy eating and the concepts of nutrition and the links between food, nutrition and health.

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Professional Certificate in Arbitration

Designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to develop their understanding and appreciation of dispute resolution, and the process and legislative framework of commercial arbitration in Australia.


Professional Certificate in Defence Industry Leadership

Be a major player in the industry by developing your leadership and collaboration skills.


Occupational Hygiene for Managers and Supervisors

With an increasing concern about hygiene and health, this online self-paced course, introduces principles that can be applied to a range of health hazards to prevent illness and improve productivity.

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Online Blended Learning and Teaching

Learn how to apply the latest eLearning theories in your teaching practice. Develop contemporary learning experiences and create cutting-edge resources that you can confidently use in your classroom.

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Safe System for Road Engineers and Managers

Developed by the Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR), this online course will ensure you bridge the gap between professional practice and the Safe System application. Learn the skills to effectively utilise the Safe System in road safety in your day-to-day role in road infrastructure.

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Space Resource Fundamentals

Become the expert in your school, business, or government organisation. This exciting new field is critical to unlocking the next wave of human exploration of the solar system: space resource utilisation.

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Undertaking a Scoping Review

Gain the confidence to prepare and undertake rigorous scoping reviews with the knowledge of synthesis methods and appropriate conduct.

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