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Levelling up: Grant Stevens

An image of Police Commissioner Grant Stevens

In the second episode of the University of Adelaide’s Levelling Up: Your Leadership Podcast , Grant Stevens shares his evolution from a lack-lustre school student one of the most highly respected figures in the community.

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Why Emotional Intelligence is the Must-Have Leadership Skill

decorative image

As a leader, you’re looking to influence a broad group of people and move them forward to meet shared objectives. Yes, it helps to have a reasonable IQ to achieve this, but it’s your emotional intelligence, or EQ, that really counts.

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Levelling up: Emotional Intelligence

Lorraine Caruso

Executive coach Lorraine Caruso leads PACE’s Emotional Intelligence At Work course. Drawing on her 30-year business, strategy and operations career to share invaluable insights to understand and improve emotional intelligence and effectiveness at work.

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