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Simulation in Learning and Teaching

Teaching demonstration in Adelaide Health Simulation

Simulation in clinical teaching and learning has been rapidly developing as a method to provide safe and effective learning environments for students to learn vital skills in a low risk setting. Students can practice and hone their theoretical skills in a controlled environment, experiencing the intense interactions and encounters associated in the clinical setting, effectively testing their personal response and ability to regulate to the environment – without compromising patient safety.

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Spotlight: AI and Machine Learning

Digital background depicting innovative technologies in (AI) artificial systems, neural interfaces and internet machine learning technologies

AI and machine learning are terms becoming increasing familiar across a range of industries and applications, as the world continues to evolve - with technological advancement at the core.

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Preventing Rage Against the Machine

Male looking down and at a laptop and smiling

The COVID-19 crisis has severely disrupted the way companies organise and perform work, intensifying the rate at which organisations are adopting new technologies to increase productivity and manage remote workers. Many companies are exploring the potential benefits of artificial intelligence capabilities for transforming the way their employees work. 

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Medical Machine Learning

Young female medical professional looking at digital brain scans

The main goal of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems in medical image analysis is the prediction of clinically relevant outcomes (e.g. diagnosis, prognosis, pathology) directly from medical images.

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