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Fundamentals of Brewing Science – A Boutique Perspective

A short course for boutique brewers and beer enthusiasts.

Are you interested in producing high quality brews? Are you already in, or planning to join, the brewing industry?

Australia’s boutique craft brewing industry is booming. New craft breweries are frequently arriving on the scene and there has been an industry need and a public desire for education in the art of brewing science. This course is designed for anyone who has an interest in the production of boutique beer, especially those already in or planning to join the brewing sector. Participants will gain an overview of the fundamentals of the brewing process and production of different beers, will engage in a small scale brewing and guided beer tastings, and will participate in a beer masterclass and a full day visit to different commercial breweries to gain insight into the entire process for beer production and packaging.

This 5-day intensive course takes a practical and industry-oriented approach that provides an introduction to brewing theory and practice before diving deeper into raw ingredients and production systems and their impact on ultimate beer style. The program will involve lectures, guest presenters and industry experts, hands-on small-scale brewing, sensory assessment of beer, and a full day training program at local commercial breweries, covering key aspects such as malting, mashing, yeast selection, maturation and quality assessment. Theoretical elements are reinforced by the practical exercises to develop a working knowledge of commercial beer production.

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