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Our Clients

Delivering value, time after time.

Our clients experiences demonstrate the range of training programs and solutions that PCE has to offer. Contact us to find out how we can deliver a training solution to meet your organisation’s goals.

Contact us to find out how we can deliver a training solution to meet your organisation's goals.

Below are examples of training programs we have delivered for our clients.

  • ‘Service Excellence’ in a government agency

    Increasing value for customers.

    In collaboration with an SA government agency, with approximately 350 staff, PCE designed a ‘Service Excellence’ tailored training program with an overall goal of increasing value at the agency.

    A key objective was to identify opportunities for staff to engage with internal and external customers to demonstrate the legitimacy of the organisation’s mission and maximise value for customers. The program prioritised this goal from the outset.

    PCE delivered the training to management staff at all levels, teaching a range of strategies and skills to meet and exceed the expectations of the public and stakeholders.
    Sessions incorporated participants’ own scenarios, the agency’s ‘Ways of Working’, their Customer Service Charter and the SA public sector competencies and values.

    Participants completed a pre-program survey to determine their familiarity with the Customer Service Charter, their confidence levels in managing services, conflict, emotions and expectations, and their ability to find constructive solutions in certain situations.  A post-program survey assessed the consolidation of their learning and uptake of new skills.

    Results showed a positive trend in all measured components of the program.
    “I think it is a higher level of confidence that the training provides through a better understanding of the (agency’s) expectations of me.”

    “The training taught me to keep calm when in a conflict situation, not let my emotions take over, thinking of possibilities to assist customers so they get what they want or need.”

  • All-Round Tailored Training Solutions

    Driving cultural change.

    PCE has worked closely with a South Australian Statuary Authority for several years on a range of customised programs to drive cultural change and achieve strategic objectives.

    Critical thinking, collaborative and critical communication (written and verbal), presentation skills, change management, delegation, coaching skills, project management and contract management are just some of the programs customised by PCE’s tailored training team.

    The programs have been designed to improve staff performance while encouraging collaboration and strategic thinking and innovation. The PCE team continues to work closely with this organisation’s organisational development partners and managers to develop content that is meaningful, including real work examples and scenarios in every program.

    A key benefit of the collaboration has been PCE’s ability to respond to participant feedback and the changing needs of the organisation. Feedback remains overwhelmingly positive as a result.

    “This is one of the best and most useful programs I have participated in. Exactly the right amount of detail, content etc. to make it useful and to enable me to use the learnings immediately.”

  • ‘Conversations That Matter’ in the public sector

    Driving innovation and improving performance.

    PCE worked with a large public sector client over a 2 year period to deliver a customised program designed to build relationships, encourage collaboration, drive innovation and improve performance through meaningful conversations.

    The ability to initiate, lead, manage and facilitate ‘Conversation That Matter’ is an essential skill for all employees. 
    This training program was specifically tailored for the organisation (around 800 employees) to enable participants to learn highly effective and simple-to-use communication tools, while practising their skills using scenarios and examples reflecting real work experiences. 

    A set of organisation specific scenarios suitable for managers, team leaders and general staff were developed to allow for a customised but flexible delivery: all 800+ staff received a consistent communication approach with the opportunity to practice their skills using examples they found meaningful. 

    This approach maximised the return on DTF’s training investment since staff could apply the training immediately and embed their learning into everyday work.

  • ‘Managing Difficult Customer Situations’ in local government

    Targeted training, supporting staff.

    PCE has worked closely with a number of local Councils to develop and deliver a specialised program on 'Managing Difficult Customer Situations'.

    Designed to embed best practice in conflict management, the program is carefully tailored and applied to specific workplace situations faced by Council staff. It also incorporates Council specific policies, procedures and real-life role-play scenarios.

    The aim was to enable Council staff to handle difficult, challenging and critical customer service interactions with confidence and professionalism - including incidents involving aggression and verbal or physical threat. The result was a training program that supported customer service improvements and improved staff wellbeing.

    Highly successful and well received by staff, more than 800 people from 10 Councils have completed the training to date with more courses scheduled into the future.

    “I thought both presenters were very good. I liked their light-hearted approach in getting the message across. Their storytelling helped convey how to deal with specific issues and made the course credible.”

    “I found it all to be useful. But it's like the old saying goes, ‘it's not what you say but how you say it’, and the instructors kept you interested.  Normally most courses put you to sleep, but with this course I was in stitches with the course instructors. They worked so well together and complimented each other.”

  • ‘Fundamentals of Organisational Development’ – 13 week program for a large defence company

    Building resilience in times of change.

    Over a nine-month period, PCE worked with a large SA based defence company to develop a comprehensive Organisational Development Program, supporting staff during a period of significant change.

    The program helped staff to transition to new roles within their organisation, providing an understanding of the culture and organisational principles required. PCE used the Human Performance Technology (HPT) model as a foundation for content and focused on developing participant’s knowledge and resilience to perform in ASC’s changing environment.

    Delivered in half- and full-day sessions over 13 weeks, the tailored training comprised approximately 55 hours face-to-face training time. It also included an extensive pre-program learning needs analysis, incorporating an individual Hogan’s Leadership metric, and post-program assessment. Feedback from ASC staff was very positive: participants felt they received considerable benefit from PCE’s tailored training.

See and hear what our clients say about programs we have delivered for them.

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