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What our clients say

Delivering value, time after time.

Our clients experiences demonstrate the range of training programs and solutions that PCE has to offer. Contact us to find out how we can deliver a training solution to meet your organisation’s goals.

Below are examples of training programs we have delivered for our clients.

  • Digital by Design

    As a leading design and advertising consultancy, Martins Brand House recognises the importance of social media. When the company needed to upskill its staff to maintain a competitive edge, it chose to work with David Rawlings, PCE's digital and social media specialist.

    "The beauty of working with David was that we could bring his expertise in-house," said Martins' General Manager, Tony Wilson. "As a creative agency we're always evolving. David helped demystify the relevance of social media to business and gave us the knowledge to develop a successful campaign for a key client." As part of PCE's tailored training, David fully customised his materials, ensuring that course content was directly relevant to the company.

    Delivered in-house on Martins' premises, the workshops were attended by 12 members of staff, ensuring maximum benefit and return on investment. More value was generated when a key client was used as a case study. This led to the development of a successful social media strategy during the training, improving productivity and profitability for both Martins and the client. "The training was tailored from the start, it wasn't an 'off the shelf' workshop," explained David Rawlings. "We worked in partnership to generate results, including a successful digital media campaign for a key client from day one."

    Interested in in-house digital media training? Find out more here

  • Putting Training to Work

    When Matt Lucas of ReturnToWorkSA came to PCE to explore tailored training, he was looking for more than just a standard one or two-day workshop program.

    “We were looking to build organisational capability and core competencies among our staff.” he explained. “We considered a range of training courses and online resources. Our priority was to apply the training, as soon as possible, back on the job.”

    As an Organisational Development Consultant at ReturnToWorkSA, Matt was clear about the type of training courses he was looking for. Communication (verbal and written), relationship management and critical thinking skills had a high priority.

    The difference, when he explored tailored training at PCE, was flexibility. While other training providers had fixed formats, PCE was able to customise content so that staff members were able to apply their training more quickly, with more self-confidence. 

    “Instead of full-day workshops, PCE offered half-day options and included opportunities for staff to apply their training back at work, before receiving feedback,” he said.

    "The quality of the trainers was also outstanding. They were able to offer ongoing coaching and mentoring to our staff members which has helped people to develop their skills into the future.”

  • A Positive Change

    SA Water has partnered with PCE to deliver an extensive suite of training packages, including Time Management, Introduction to Project Management, Communications Training, Negotiation Skills, Making Better Decisions, Critical Thinking, Train the Trainer and Advanced Presentation Skills. 

    PCE’s experienced facilitators have set out to understand the needs and priorities of SA Water and its employees. 

    “SA Water has particularly enjoyed working with passionate and professional facilitators who apply real-world experience. They really make the theory come alive,” said Tanya, Manager of Learning and Development – Professional and Commercial.

    “Tailored training resonates with staff and the customer service provided by PCE is responsive and accommodating – the high standard of service is reflected in the quality of training output we have received.”  

    "We’ve been able to measure distinct behavioural changes in our staff. The result has been positive changes in culture and improved performance.”   

  • Impressive Training

    For Wakefield Regional Council, when frontline staff said they needed further training to dealing with difficult customers, PCE was the obvious choice.

    “I had attended a PCE session at Light Regional Council and was impressed with the training,” said Carol Jansen, Wakefield’s WHS Officer. “I recommended to management that we use PCE trainers for our staff.”

    The use of tailored scenarios was a highlight during the course, offering participants a better understanding of their comfort levels when dealing with difficult customers.

    “The training was great with just the right balance of theory and practical application,” said Carol. “The handouts were also very handy and I still have the “3 C’s” card on my desk - Connect, Create, Control.”

    Describing the training as “professional” and “well-executed”, Wakefield Council found that staff felt more positive about handling difficult customers as a direct result of the course.

    “Tailored training will always win out over “off the shelf” training” said Carol. ”It helps staff to identify their own experiences and scenarios and then shows them how to apply the learned knowledge to those situations.”


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