Economic and Social Indicators

The Centre has compiled a selection of indicators for South Australia in order to provide a snapshot of recent economic and social trends in the State.

Commentary on these indicators and many others is provided in the Centre's Economic Briefing Reports, published on a bi-annual basis as part of the Centre's Corporate Membership program.

The indicators are available under the below subject headings:

Production & trade

Key production and trade indicators, including Gross State/Domestic Product, from the ABS National and State Accounts series.

Industry level indicators

Industry level indicators, including for retail trade, building and construction, agriculture and mining, and data on overall industrial structure of the economy.

Labour & demography

Labour and demographic trends, including changes in employment, unemployment and participation rates as well as population and projected population by age.


Recent trends in the Consumer Price Index measure of general price inflation, labour costs and residential property prices.

Regional profiles

Regional fact sheets summarising various socio-economic data for the 7 non-metropolitan Regional Development Australia regions in South Australia.

Local government price index

The Local Government Price Index measures price movements faced by Local Government in South Australia in respect of their purchases of goods and services.

International economic conditions

Recent and projected changes in economic growth for the global economy and major overseas destinations.

Gambling data and publications

Gambling resources including an EGM gambling database for hotels and clubs in South Australia, important dates in respect of gambling in South Australia, a list of reports and related materials.