Production & Trade

Key production and trade indicators derived from the ABS Annual and Quarterly National and State Accounts series are presented here.

Annual state accounts, select indicators, 2017/18

  Indicator Level* Annual change (%)^
Gross state product ($ million) South Australia 107,389 2.0
Australia (GDP) 1,847,675 2.8
Gross state product per Capita ($) South Australia 62,144 1.4
Australia (GDP) 74,605 1.2
Non-farm gross state product ($) South Australia 102,487 4.2
Australia (GDP) 1,805,834 4.8
Real gross state/domestic income ($ million) South Australia 106,229 2.2
Australia 1,821,629 3.2
State final demand ($ million) South Australia 116,579 3.4
Australia (DFD) 1,837,354 3.4
Overseas exports: goods and services ($ million) South Australia 15,602 -2.2
Australia 400,666 3.4

Note: * All level estimates are in original current price terms, except for real gross state domestic income, which are chain volume measures (2015/16 prices).
^ Refers to the change of the indicator in real terms (i.e. chain volume measures).
GDP = gross domestic product. DFD = domestic final demand.
Sources:  ABS, Australian National Accounts: State Accounts, 2017-18, Cat. No. 5220.0.

Quarterly state accounts select indicators, December quarter 2018

  Indicator Quarterly 
Change (%)
Change (%)
State Final Demand* South Australia 0.5 2.5
Australia (DFD) 0.5 2.5

Note:  * Quarterly change refers to percentage change from previous quarter. Annual change refers to percentage change between latest quarter and corresponding quarter from previous year. State Final Demand changes refer to trend chain volume measures.
Sources:  ABS, Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product, Cat. No 5206.0.