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Judgement day for the Doctor


In the final episode of our series exploring the current and historical nature of regulation in South Australia, The Doctor makes her final defence against breaching the state’s shop trading laws.

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Global and national slow down affecting SA economy

Economic briefing report

In their latest Economic Briefing Report University of Adelaide economists from SACES are predicting that South Australia’s economic performance will continue to be affected by slowdowns round the country and overseas, as well as weakening employment growth and household spending.

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Taking on the system


In this week’s edition of our Dr Who series, The Doctor’s attempts to flout South Australia’s shop trading laws have finally caught up with her.

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Recent trends in South Australian manufacturing


In this excerpt, taken from the Centre’s upcoming June Economic Briefing Report, we briefly review recent sectoral trends in employment for the manufacturing industry

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What price eggs?


The Doctor uncovers the peculiar history of egg regulation in South Australia in the latest episode of our series which explores the laws and regulations that are confronting business and constraining the local economy.

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The shopping conundrum

Shop sign

In this week’s edition of our Dr Who series, The Doctor explores the never-ending saga of shopping regulation in South Australia.

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Business cost savings on state government contracts

Local government price index

South Australian businesses could save more than $20 million a year on tendering for State Government contracts if the procurement process was streamlined and improved, according to Visiting Research Fellow, Darryl Gobbett from the University of Adelaide’s South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (SACES).

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Why should we pay for roads?

dr who

In this week’s edition of our current Dr Who series, The Doctor explores the historical context of rules and regulations in respect of South Australia’s roads.

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Skirting the regulations

dr who

If you missed the first episode of our Doctor Who series last week….The Doctor will appear on the SACES blog in coming weeks as we take a light-hearted but incisive look at the policies and politics of the past fifty years. So, sit back and enjoy the ride, and feel free to join the conversation with comments on the blog.

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Adelaide's golden mile

dr who

Who better to comment on SA’s regulatory environment? Doctor Who has been travelling through space and time for more than half a century since the start of the BBC television series of the same name in 1963. The much-loved Time Lord has had many guises, most recently played by Jodie Whittaker. 

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