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The Centre has been involved in publishing the following books:

  • Policies to Boost Australian Saving: How? and Why? (2002), edited by Owen Covick. The aim of this book is to bring together fairly the different interpretations of facts and of 'economic' behaviour that make up the policy debate over national saving in Australia.
  • Financing the Federation (2001), by Jim Hancock and Julie Smith. A study of the history and contemporary practice of Commonwealth-State grants, with a consideration of theoretical principles to guide future arrangements.
  • Essays on Regional Economic Development. (2001). A summary of contemporary thought on the factors affecting regional growth performance, with particular reference to South Australia.
  • The Economic Impact of Climate Change Policy on South Australia. (1998). Economic implications of international climate change policy.
  • South Australian Manufacturing in Transition. (1990). A series of case studies on manufacturing industry performance over the 1980s.
  • The Adelaide Grand Prix - The Impact of a Special Event. (1986). A social and economic cost-benefit study of the first Australian Grand Prix, covering tourism expenditures, impacts of noise, effects on public service deliveries etc.: this book continues to sell internationally.
  • The Economics of Bushfires - The South Australian Experience. (1985). A study of the 1983 bushfires, including industry impacts, reparation expenditure, and the functioning of the insurance sector.

The Centre also contributed to, and Cliff Walsh was co-editor of, Budgetary Stress: The South Australian Experience (1989), analysing reform options for the South Australian public sector.

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