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Other Series

A list of papers published as part of the Discussion Papers series and the Occasional Papers series are available for viewing.

Occasional Papers Series

The Occasional Papers series has been discontinued. For recent analysis of topical issues, please refer to the Economic Issues Papers series.

  • Papers Published as Part of the Occasional Papers Series
    • (OP1) The South Australian Capital Market
    • (OP2) Fiscal Horizontal Equalization and Local Government
    • (OP3) Structural Change: The South Australian Experience
    • (OP4) Lessons from South Australian Public Service Pay Rates
    • (OP5) Regional Industries Growth and Structural Change
    • (OP6) Government and Urban Transport: The Adelaide Experience
    • (OP7) A Computerized Model of S.A. Dryland Farming as a Management Tool
    • (OP8) CAD/CAM Technology for South Australia: The Bottom Line
    • (OP9) Microprocessor Technology
    • (OP10) Impact of Price, Output and Technology on the Industrial Demand for Electricity in South Australia
    • (OP11) Estimating the Effect on Premiums of Some Possible Changes to the South Australian Workers Compensation Act 1971
    • (OP12) Forecasts of Demand for Electricity in South Australia
    • (OP13) The Economic Case for Increased Funds for Australia's Roads
    • (OP14) The Economics of Native Vegetation Retention on Private Land
    • (OP15) The Economic Impact of Irrigated Agriculture in South Australia
    • OP16) Fiscal Incentives for the Conservation of Privately Owned Heritage Buildings
    • (OP17) Economic Activity Regeneration Through Heritage: (The 'EARTH' Scheme)
    • (OP18) The May Economic Decisions
    • (OP19) Impact of Gas Use in Power Generation on the South Australian Economy
    • (OP20) The Economic Significance of Tourism Expenditure in South Australia for 1986/97
    • (OP21) Vertical Integration in the Export of Perishable Primary Produce from South Australia
    • (OP22) Connection Policies for Reticulated Energy Provision in South Australia
    • (OP23) The Impact of Proposed Rent Increases on Leasehold Pastoral Properties in South Australia
    • (OP24) An Analysis of the Impact of a Major Horticultural Development on the Economy of the South East of South Australia
    • (OP25) A Study of the Economic Impact of the HomeStart Loan Scheme
    • (OP26) Economic Performance of Australian States, 1978 to 1989
    • (OP27) Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies by South Australian Manufacturers: Are Investment Justification Methodologies a Barrier?

Discussion Papers Series

The Discussions Papers series has been discontinued. For recent analysis of topical issues, please refer to the Economic Issues Papers series.

  • Papers Published as Part of the Discussion Papers Series
    1. Refocusing Commonwealth-State Financial Relations: Tax Powers, Microeconomic Reform and Intergovernmental Relations by C Walsh (March 1996)
    2. Wheelchair Accessible Taxis: The Adelaide Experience by P Tisato (March 1996)
    3. The Challenges of Globalisation: Lessons from Australian Experience by C Walsh (September 1996)
    4. Travel Affordability in Adelaide for People with Disabilities by P Tisato (September 1996)
    5. Public Transport Subsidy: A Review with Special Reference to User Economies of Scale by P Tisato (September 1996)
    6. User Economies of Scale Bus Subsidy in Adelaide by P Tisato (September 1996)
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