Professor Emma Baker

Emma Baker is Professor of Housing Research at the University of Adelaide where she leads the Housing and Healthy Cities Research Group.


Professor Emma Baker
Program Director, Building a City for the Future

Emma's research examines the cumulative effects of housing, environmental, locational and socioeconomic vulnerabilities on wellbeing, with particular interests in utilising large longitudinal, administrative datasets to create knowledge that responds to real policy problems.

She is currently leading the construction of a national rental housing conditions dataset and has a track record of successful collaboration with industry, government and non-government organisations.

Recent academic and policy publications include commissioned policy background papers for the planning and housing strategies, a big data analysis of long-run housing trajectories in Australia, an analysis of the effects of cold housing on individual health, and papers analysing the cumulative influence of multiple housing problems on health and wellbeing.

Emma leads the Insitute's Building a City for the Future Research Program

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