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Hugh Stretton Oration

The Hugh Stretton Oration is an annual public lecture established in 2021 in honour of the late Emeritus Professor Hugh Stretton AC. 

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Diminishing Public Trust? Pushback against ICAC?

Recent amendments to the Independent Commissioner against Corruption Act in South Australia have narrowed definitions of misconduct, maladministration and corruption reducing the ICAC’s powers. This pushback is examined in this webinar.  Had the ICAC over-reached?  Did it need its wings clipped? Or might something else have been in play?

Corruption, Conflict of Interest, and Whistleblowing in Public Administration

The webinar Corruption, Conflict of Interest, and Whistleblowing in Public Administration, organized jointly by the International Anti-Corruption Academy, the Stretton Institute, and the Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex, explores the types of corruption that exist in public administration and examines intervention strategies.  It focuses on integrity breaches, conflict of interest and whistleblowing, and illustrates with corruption in a specific sector. 





Recognising corruption in local government

By Professor Adam Graycar and Dr Allen Yates



A failure of artificial intelligence – or bureaucratic bastardry?

By Professor Adam Graycar and Dr Adam Masters.