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Hugh Stretton Oration

The Hugh Stretton Oration is an annual public lecture established in 2021 in honour of the late Emeritus Professor Hugh Stretton AC. 

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Healthy Eating Policy and Political Philosophy

The Food Values Research Group and the Stretton Institute will be co-hosting a webinar to discuss Assoc Prof Anne Barnhill and Dr Matteo Bonotti’s upcoming book Healthy Eating Policy and Political Philosophy: A Public Reason Approach.

State failures and successes in addressing water insecurity: policy perspectives

By some estimates, just under half of the global population lives in areas that suffer from water scarcity. To examine this issue in more depth, join us for an expert panel discussion of the policy infrastructures that have created successes and failures in mitigating water insecurity. Seven panellists will share their insights based on scholarly work done in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, South Africa and the USA, among others.



Ensuring food and nutrition security — what is needed in a post-covid world?

COVID-19 significally increased the risk of food insecurity for populations around the globe. Incomes were reduced, supply chains were disrupted and acute hunger rose. While vaccinations are helping to bring the pandemic to a foreseeable end, the challenge of ensuring food and nutrition security continues. For many, incomes and supply chains remain tenuous while extreme weather events compound the difficulty of maintaining resilient food systems. In this webinar, we will discuss the prospects for addressing this wicked challenge moving forward while considering rural and urban opportunities in developing and developed countries alike.



Hidden Money: Shining light on political finance for the next federal election

The gaps in Commonwealth disclosure of political donations mean that the source of millions of dollars of party finance is hidden from public view. Transparency is key to unpicking the complex webs of undue influence and creating a fair and equal democracy. The Centre for Public Integrity presented on their research into hidden money in politics and what reforms are needed to fix it.



Can Ethical Certification Prevent Food Fraud?

By Jade Lindley, Hannah Bongiovanni, and Dominique Eastwood.