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Hugh Stretton Oration

The Hugh Stretton Oration is an annual public lecture established in 2021 in honour of the late Emeritus Professor Hugh Stretton AC. 

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Webinar Corruption, Conflict of Interest, and Whistleblowing in Public Administration

The webinar Corruption, Conflict of Interest, and Whistleblowing in Public Administration, organized jointly by the International Anti-Corruption Academy, the Stretton Institute, and the Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex, explores the types of corruption that exist in public administration and examines intervention strategies.  It focuses on integrity breaches, conflict of interest and whistleblowing, and illustrates with corruption in a specific sector. 

Masterclass Research-Policy Partnerships

Are you a researcher interested in seeing your research translated into policy and practice? Are you a policy professional interested in using evidence to improve your policy making?



Souper Foods Presentation

There are some big cultural changes afoot inside kitchens and beyond, as the food world looks for smarter and more sustainable systems of production and consumption from the restaurant to the supermarket.



Powering the Future Lecture

For years South Australia has been a national leader in embracing renewable energy, transforming our power grid in ways that were almost unimaginable a decade ago.



Professor Adam Graycar presenting Hugo Memorial Lecture

How do we make sense of a population as spread out and diverse as Australia?