Our Research

Our policy research programs draw on expertise from across the University and address a wide range of issues important to South Australia, Australia and globally.

Ideas for Australian Cities

The Ideas for Australian Cities Program brings together thinkers, researchers and policymakers to understand what makes a city great.

Cultural Policy

The Performing Arts Policy Program brings together artists and researchers to develop policy to sustain and build the performing arts ecosystem.

Food and Water Futures

The Food and Water Futures program explores the practical challenges and policy opportunities of meeting resource needs to support equitable distribution and prosperous economic activity.

Climate Change and Energy Transition

The Climate Change and Energy Transition program seeks to facilitate research on the development and implementation of future energy policies that supports a pathway to a low carbon economy.

Democracy, Security, Trust and Integrity

The Democracy, Security, Trust and Integrity program seeks to explore the conditions under which liberal democratic states can remain strong, stable and reliable settings for human flourishing.

Security Policy in the Indo-Pacific

What are the major security challenges facing the Indo-Pacific region and how can Australia respond to them?