Research Grants

Each of the Stretton Institute program directors has won significant research grants in the last two years

Year Project People Funding
2022-2025 Regional Perspectives project
Defence, Science and Technology Group Collaborative Research Project
Joanne Wallis $2.95 million
2022-2024 State-craftiness: mapping competition, cooperation, and coercion in the Pacific Islands
Defence Strategic Policy Grant

Joanne Wallis and Henrietta McNeill
with Alan Tidwell and Gordon Peake (Georgetown University)

2022 How can local health networks cultivate anti-racist hospitals?  NHMRC Synergy Grant Baum, F CIH $5,000,000
2022 Priority populations in mental health and suicide prevention
National Mental Health Commission
Fisher, M., Freeman, T., Vandenberg, M., & Baum, F.  $183,821
2023-2026  To what extent does Australian food policy consider its health impact
ARC Discovery ARC DP230102151 
Baum, F, Marinova, D (Matt Fisher named researcher)  $602,000
2022-2024 Toward a Female Stoic Tradition: Women’s Writings in England, 1600-1800
ARC Discovery Grant
Lisa Hill
(with J. Broad and D. Barnes)
  How Defence can Shape the Emerging Space Traffic Management Regime
Department of Defence Strategic Policy Grants Program
Matthew Stubbs and Dale Stephens $90,754
  Evaluation and Renewal of Flipped Learning Resources in the Principles of Public Law course 
Faculty of ABLE Learning and Teaching Grant
Cornelia Koch and Laura Grenfell $9993
2022 Examining the legal and ethical dimensions of using automated data collection technologies to combat cyber threats in Australia
Cyber Security CRC
Brewer, R., Logos, K. Langos and Westlake $50,000
2022-2023 Advancing child sexual abuse victim and perpetrator identification using biometrics
Australian Institute of Criminology
Brewer, R. Logos, K, Swearingen, and Westlake $271, 541