Mapping and Strengthening Australia's Integrity Systems

A strong system of public integrity and accountability is vital to Australia’s future.

As a nation, we have, by international standards, a relatively strong reputation for the integrity of public decision making, institutions and our system of democracy. But are we keeping pace with challenges and trends? Are we investing sufficiently in the development of our integrity systems to deserve that reputation? Do our citizens agree we have our challenges under control, and that our institutions are delivering quality of democracy and government?

This Stretton Institute webinar presents key results from Australia’s second national integrity system assessment – a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach undertaken by the presenters. This is an Australian Research Council Linkage project. It also outlines a way forward.

The Presenters:
Professor A. J. Brown

Professor A.J. Brown
Professor of Public Policy and Law
School of Government and International Relations
Griffith University

Professor Adam Graycar

Professor Adam Graycar
Professor of Public Policy and Director
Stretton Institute
The University of Adelaide


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