Hugh Stretton Oration: 'On Life's Lottery' with Professor Glyn Davis AC.


Is Australia a land of meritocracy, 'fair go', and equal opportunity? Does where you are born and who you are born to matters?

Professor Glyn Davis AC

Professor Glyn Davis AC
CEO, Paul Ramsay Foundation

Poverty, like property of the wealthy, can be handed down through generations from parent to child. In this inaugural Hugh Stretton Oration, Professor Davis will focus on the role and expectations of charities and government in addressing inter-generational poverty in Australia. He will discuss policies and practices, including pragmatic and innovative approaches, that might temper entrenched poverty. This policy melting pot is something to which Hugh Stretton who preferred pragmatism over ideology, experimentation over economic orthodoxy, would have been attracted.

Professor Davis is the author of a new book, also titled On Life's Lottery published by Hachette  Australia.

The Orator

Glyn Davis AC is CEO of the Paul Ramsay Foundation, which works to end inter-generational poverty. He was previously Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne and remains Distinguished Professor of political science at the Australian National University and Visiting Professor at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford. He delivered the Boyer lectures on the future of higher education in 2010

Event Discussant Panel
  • Mr Peter Sandeman  Stretton Institute Advisory Board Member
  • Professor Faye McCallum  Head, School of Education, The University of Adelaide | Researcher Profile
Event Details
Venue: Elder Hall, The University of Adelaide (North Terrace Campus)
Date:   Thursday, 18 February 2021
Time: 5:30-7:00pm (ACDT)
Cost: Free (Registration Essential)
On the Day
  • Doors open at 5:00pm for COVID-safe registration/check-in. Please bring your Eventbrite registration ticket.
  • Capacity limits apply in order to adhere to social distancing protocols safely.
  • The event will commence at 5:30 pm sharp.
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