Online Symposium Foreign Aid Policy: Japan-Australia Cooperation in a COVID world


Japan is a substantial aid donor whose aid power is significant and its impact wide-ranging.

This half-day free online symposium on Thursday 15 July aims to highlight Japan's foreign aid policy and its implementation in the 21st century considering policy transformation and implications for recipients.

The objective of the symposium is to present an analysis of Japan's aid policy and its implementation, especially in its contribution to global health. This has become more salient in the wake of the global spread of COVID-19. While explaining the role of Japan, the symposium also considers how and whether Australia and Japan can cooperate in managing global health issues, especially in the South Pacific, Australia's neighbourhood and an important region for Japan as a Pacific nation in the Indo-Pacific.


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09:00am 09:30am Introduction
09:10am 09:40am Session 1: An Overview of Japan and Australia's Foreign Aid Policies: Key Features
10:10am 10:40am Session 2: Japan and Australia: contribution to global health via development cooperation policy (and its implementation)
11:20am 11:50am Session 3: Japan-Australia cooperation in a COVID world: The case of South Pacific island nations
12:20am 12:50am Closing Remarks

Project Director:
Professor Purnendra Jain - Emeritus Professor Asian Studies, University of Adelaide

Moderators and Speakers:
Dr Samantha Battams - Associate Professor, Flinders University
Dr John Bruni - Founder and CEO of SAGE International Australia
Professor Adam Graycar - Director Stretton Institute and Professor of Public Policy, University of Adelaide
Professor Stephen Howes, Professor of Economics and Director Development Policy Centre, Australian National University
Mr Masahiko Kiya - Consul General of Japan in Sydney
Professor Izumi Ohno - Professor National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo
Professor Akio Takahara - Professor at the University of Tokyo, Director JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development
Mr Shinya Tamio - Director of the Pacific and Southeast Asia Division 6 of Southeast Asia and Pacific Department in the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Dr Takao Toda - Visiting Professor International University of Health and Welfare and Jutendo University
Professor Joanne Wallis - Professor of International Security, University of Adelaide

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This event is funded by the Japan Foundation, Sydney. 

The organisers also gratefully acknowledge the JICA Ogata Sadako Research Institute for Peace and Development for its advice and assistance with organising the symposium.

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