Ensuring food and nutrition security — what is needed in a post-covid world?

Join us for a conversation with interdisciplinary experts from Australia, India and the UK who will address the practical and policy hurdles to tackling food security post-pandemic.

COVID-19 significantly increased the risk of food insecurity for populations around the globe. Incomes reduced, supply chains were disrupted and acute hunger rose. While vaccinations are helping to bring the pandemic to a foreseeable end, the challenge of ensuring food and nutrition security continues. For many, incomes and supply chains remain tenuous while extreme weather events compound the difficulty of maintaining resilient food systems. In this webinar, we will discuss the prospects for addressing this wicked challenge moving forward while considering rural and urban opportunities in developing and developed countries alike. Moderated by Georgina Drew, Co-Director of the Food and Water Futures program at the Stretton Institute, University of Adelaide.


  • Dr Tamara Jackson, University of Adelaide and ACIAR (Australia)
  • Avinash Kishore, The International Food Policy Research Institute/CGIAR (India)
  • Professor Tim Cavagnaro, University of Adelaide School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
  • Jim Woodhill, Foresight4Food and Honorary Research Associate at the University of Oxford (UK)

Dr Georgina Drew
Co-Director Food and Water Futures Program, Stretton Institute, The University of Adelaide


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