Stretton Institute's Inaugural Seminar by Professor Michael Howlett

On 7 February, the Stretton Institute was delighted to host our first seminar presented by Professor Michael Howlett from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada on Policy Analysis and Policy Advice: Perspectives from Canada.

Professor Michael Howlett examined the role of policy experts and policy analysts in government, using results from surveys conducted in Canada on the background and training of policy analysts in various levels of government as a case study. Professor Howlett revealed that there are significant differences between what policy analysts do and what it is often assumed they do. The results have implication for policy training and practice and the ability for nations to improve their policy advice systems.

Well attended, the seminar audience included researchers working in policy and state government officials from various departments working in the policy analysis and advice space.

A copy of the presentation has been made available.

Download Presentation

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