How to have a real “R U OK?” conversation.

R U OK Day 2023

R U OK? Day acts as a reminder for us to have the important conversations with our loved ones about their wellbeing.

Hey, are you okay?

When we ask this question and demonstrate that we want a genuine response, we may hear that someone is struggling at the moment. And if we do, we might be left feeling unsure about how to respond.

What do I do if they say they’re not okay?

We sat down with Jessica Robinson, who is a counsellor with the University of Adelaide’s Counselling Support team, to answer this question exactly.

*Content Warning*: Please note there will be brief mentions of self-harm in this interview.

If this interview has raised anything for you, then please contact the following services:

UofA Counselling Support:

North Terrace / Waite:  +61 8313 5633 

Roseworthy:  +61 8313 7932

Wirltu Yarlu: +61 8 8313 3623 / +61 8 8313 5663

University Crisis Line (After-hours support):

Call: 1300 167 654 

Text: +61488884197

UofA’s Mental Health Triage (emergency):

Call: 131 465


13 11 14


If you are interested in receiving Mental Health First Aid Training, then check out the Wellbeing Hub's page for more information. The next training dates are Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th of September 2023.

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