Mental Health

Addressing mental health problems often entails a wholistic view of managing body, social connections and thought processes.

As well as exploring the material above, you can dig a little deeper and take some detailed information from the booklets below or grab some of our resources on managing mental health problems.

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Printed booklets are available at Counselling Support offices at North Terrace, Roseworthy and Waite campuses. All the mental health related books have BLUE covers.  

The following pages on the wellbeing hub website will provide additional information that may help you.

Page Description
The breath The breath is a remarkably powerful mind-body connection which we can use effectively to manage our physical and mental health.
Mind & body We spend much of our lives constantly connected to events, screens and people - forgetting to be present with ourselves.
Exercise Regular exercise may be one of the most important things you can do for your health.
Be positive

This is doing stuff that feels good, having fun, 'letting the good times roll'. More than this, it can include maximising good feelings like curiosity, appreciation, compassion and wonder.

Sleep better Sleep can help us feel refreshed, re-energised, help with focus and concentration, and improve memory, whilst also allowing our body and mind to do necessary repair work.
Useful Techniques

Fortunately there are many useful techniques and skills that can help us function and adapt to our particular circumstances. 


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