Useful Techniques

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Fortunately there are many useful techniques and skills that can help us function and adapt to our particular circumstances.

Genuinely learning and practicing the techniques below will enhance your wellbeing.

  • Progressive muscle relaxation technique

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a way of systematically going through the body and identifying tension and focusing on release of that tension. PMR can be very useful to focus us away from obsessive thoughts allowing us to direct our attention to what is needed or to allow us to fall asleep.

    A search on the internet will reveal many different versions of PMR. It can be useful to get an audio version that you can play to yourself when needed. 

    For a written example try this PMR from the Centre for Clinical Interventions.

    Listen to some examples of PMR in the videos below.

  • Exposure therapy for anxiety

    Exposure therapy is a behavioural approach used to treat anxiety disorders. It involves exposing a client to their source of anxiety within controlled environments and usually in a stepped approach so the client can build tolerance gradually to the anxiety causing stimulus.

  • Grounding techniques

    Living well provide a nice summary of grounding techniques.

    You can also download this list of coping techniques.

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