Find what works for you

As individuals, there are many ways to look after your mental health and wellbeing. Find support that's right for you and connect with support both at uni and beyond.

  • I want to talk to someone about my mental health and wellbeing

    Counselling Support

    2 people sitting talking in front of a large window

    Counselling Support is available to all UoA students to access at any stage of their study program. Counsellors provide free, short term counselling around any issues that are impacting on your study. 

    Counselling support

    Wellbeing Champions Network

    Wellbeing Champions Network poster

    Whilst they cannot provide counselling or mental health treatment, Wellbeing Champions are passionate about supporting a culture of wellbeing across the university and can connect you with the Counselling Service if you are struggling to reach out alone. They can also point you toward resources like the Wellbeing Hub and the mental health resources it contains. Wellbeing Champions come from both academic and professional teams across the university community.

    Network details

    University Crisis Line (UCL)

    The UCL is open on weekdays 5pm-9am, weekends & public holidays (24 hrs) for after hours, crisis support. This is exclusively for University of Adelaide students.

    • Call 1300 167 654 or text +61488884197
    • Offshore students - use the text number for contacting the University Crisis Line during the designated hours
  • I want to find support outside university too

    General support

    You may be about to finish your studies and want to find support, or prefer to link in with help outside the university. Whatever your situation, there are support services available that you can connect with by phone, chat or online. Head over to our Mental Health pod for all the details of services like Beyond Blue, Headspace and more.

    Industry specific support

    Study area Support
    Medical or dental students
    • Drs Health SA Support Line 24/7 support line: 8366 0250. This service is staffed by GPs and available to medical students, practitioners and colleagues who may be concerned.
    • DRS4DRS Mental Health Support Line 24/7: 1300 374 377. This service is answered by counsellors and psychologists and can only be accessed by medical students and medical practitioners.
    • Dental Practitioner Support Line 24/7: 1800 377 700. Confidential advice for dental students, practitioners and concerned friends and family
    Nursing students
    Law students
    Vet students
  • I want to get help with study to help reduce my stress

    There are some incredible teams here to support you with your study and help take the stress down a notch or two. If you feel unsure, why not send an email to any of the teams and talk about what's holding you back. The support is just waiting for you to access.

    Maths Learning Centre

    3 people studying at Maths Learning Centre

    With a drop in centre, online resources and fun learning sessions, MLC is for any UoA student who uses maths in their coursework program. 

    Maths Learning Centre

    Writing Centre

    Writing Centre advisor smiling whilst sitting at desk and facing a student

    In person and online 1:1 consultations, the team are there to help through all stages of the writing process.

    Writing Centre

    Peer Assisted Study Sessions

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    PASS classes are free, fun and a great way to maximise your study time while making new friends. New students are always welcome!

    PASS timetable


    free after-hours online study help tool available to current University of Adelaide coursework students through your enrolment in MyUni.


  • I want to take care of my social wellbeing and feel less alone

    There may be thousands of students enrolled at university but it's not always easy to find your community. If you have tried to connect and it hasn't turned out as expected, don't worry. Reaching out once is hard but following up a 2nd or 3rd time can really difficult. Hang in there and take another chance. Friendships take time.

    So what might help?


    For tips on how to be brave and build good relationships.

    Explore YouX clubs

    Join a student club or association on campus.

    Connect on socials

    Connect with students who run our social channels

    Student blog

    Read about how the bloggers navigate the challenges of uni life.

  • I want to get more active and look after my body

    The World Health Organisation's guidelines focus on our cardio fitness so when thinking about exercise and mental wellbeing, being active is about getting involved in something you enjoy, and moving your body in a fun way. Exercise doesn't mean getting to the gym (unless that's your jam). We're talking about boosting our mood with any movement that helps you feel good about your body.

    Want to get moving on campus? 

    The Exercise pod on the Wellbeing Hub has contact details for

    How about riding to uni?

    Find out where you can store your bike safely on campus with Ecoversity.

  • To look after my mental health, I want to do something for the planet's wellbeing

    We are often directed to nature when it comes to taking care of our wellbeing. Whilst walking through the park or swimming in the ocean have great therapeutic benefits, it can also remind us about the ongoing degradation of the planet. If you are experiencing distress or anxiety about the planet, why not connect with one of these great groups.

    Communities that can help