Getting Support

Do you need help finding the right support and where it's located?  

The tips and strategies on this website can make significant differences to your wellbeing, but sometimes it is difficult to work out on your own. The services listed below may be able to support and assist.

Short on time?

A quick FAQ style list to help point you in the direction of online programs, apps and resources you can keep coming back to.

Student Life

Connect with Counselling Support, Disability Support, International Student Support and Elite Athlete Support.

Student Care

Independent information, advocacy and referral for all students enrolled at the University of Adelaide.

Wirltu Yarlu

Providing support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students during their time at the University of Adelaide.

Medical Care

For all your medical care access, one of the University health practices on campus.

Ask Adelaide

Find us on level 3, Hub Central, or call us to find the answer to your question.

Emergency help

Emergency and crisis support for yourself or another on campus.

blue siren light image

University Crisis Line

After hours phone support service for University of Adelaide students. 

  • Call 1300 167 654 or text +61 488 884 197
  • Weekdays 5pm - 9am, Weekends & public holidays 24 hrs
  • Offshore students - use the text number for contacting the University Crisis Line during the designated hour

University security

Security is available 24 hours 7 days per week and is conveniently located on all campuses.

Emergency number - phone: 8313 5444


Need more info?

Below you will find filter buttons to narrow down the service most appropriate to you. For a health emergency it is important to access the most appropriate state emergency health service.