The Maths Learning Centre (MLC) exists to help all coursework students learn and use mathematics and mathematical skills in order to succeed at university.

If you would like to talk to a tutor about the maths in your course either face-to-face or online, then the best place to go is our Drop-In Centre.

Inside the MLC

Our Maths Learning Centre exists to help all students at the University of Adelaide succeed in learning and using maths relating to their coursework.

Making your own sense



My first Maths Teacher Circle

Last week I participated in my first Maths Teacher Circle. I just want to do a quick blog post here to record for posterity that I did it and it was excellent. I choose to take the practical approach of just relating what happened. I had been interested in somehow going to one since I heard [...]



The Solving Problems Poster

This blog post is about the Solving Problems poster that has been on the MLC wall for more than ten years in one form or another. The most current version of it in handout form is this: You can download this handout in PDF form here. I’ve been meaning to blog about it for some time, but [...]