The Maths Learning Centre (MLC) exists to help all coursework students at the University of Adelaide to engage with mathematics, so that it can support them to reach their goals and to enjoy learning.

If you would like to talk to a tutor about the maths in your course either face-to-face or online, then the best place to go is our Drop-In Centre.

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Inside the MLC

Our Maths Learning Centre exists to help all students at the University of Adelaide succeed in learning and using maths relating to their coursework.

Making your own sense



Book Reading: You’re Not Listening

This blog post is about the book You’re Not Listening by Kate Murphy, and in particular my reactions to it from a teacher’s perspective. First, I want to apologise to Chelsea Avard for borrowing the book from her little student leadership library and holding onto it for a whole year while I got round to reading it [...]



Four levels of listening

Introduction Listening is one of the most important aspects — no, scratch that — the most important aspect of my work in the Maths Learning Centre. It is not obvious to people starting out tutoring in the MLC that this should be the case. To a beginning tutor, it seems that it’s their job to explain things to [...]