Drop-In Centre

The MLC Drop-In Centre is a safe place where you can talk with friendly tutors either face-to-face or online about learning and using maths for any of your University of Adelaide coursework.

    The MLC drop-in centre is available for all University of Adelaide coursework students, regardless of the course you are studying or the location you are. 

    For virtual MLC drop-in centre

    To attend our drop-in centre virtually please use the link below. Please note that this is login access only.

    Zoom virtual MLC drop-in centre

    For face-to-face MLC drop-in centre

    To attend the drop-in centre face-to-face please see the information below regarding our opening hours and location. 

    Opening hours

    The face-to-face and online versions of the drop-in centre are open during the same hours.

    The MLC Drop-In Centre is open every weekday that is not a public holiday from 2nd Jan to 15th Dec, either 10am to 4pm or 1pm to 4pm Adelaide time (except for a couple of exceptions). Offshore or interstate students please note that Adelaide time is currently UTC+10:30. You can convert this to your own local time using this time zone converter.

    Opening hours are as follows. 

    Dates Opening Hours (Adelaide time)
    Mon to Fri except public holidays
    2/1/2024 to 23/2/2024          1pm to 4pm
    26/2/2024 to 5/4/2024 10 am       to 4pm
    8/4/2024 to 19/4/2024          1pm to 4pm
    22/4/2024 to 14/6/2024 10 am       to 4pm
    17/6/2024 to 19/7/2024          1pm to 4pm


    • The face-to-face drop-in centre is on Level 3 East of Hub Central on the North Terrace Campus.
    • The virtual drop-in centre is accessed using Zoom.

    How to use the drop-in centre

    During our opening hours, you can drop in either face-to-face or online without an appointment to talk about any aspect of learning and using maths in any course, though we have a focus on those using maths in their program for the first time. 

    When you arrive at the drop-in centre either face-to-face or online, you may have to wait for up to 30 minutes for a tutor to arrive. They will stay with you for between 15 minutes and 30 minutes, and then move on to other students. You can stay as long as you need and talk to the tutors multiple times.

    The tutors  will ask you questions help clarify exactly what mathematical concepts and skills you want to learn. The tutors will give advice on how to learn, and encourage you as they help you to figure things out. They will not tell you direct answers to assignment questions, but they will discuss how you might think about them.

    What to do when you arrive at the face-to-face drop-in centre:

    1. Put on a mask. Face masks covering both the mouth and nose are compulsory due to COVID-19.
    2. Come into the room and look to find an empty seat.
      • If you see the course you are studying on a blackboard, that means students studying that course are sitting at that table.
      • If you don't see your course, sit anywhere and add your course to the blackboard so other students can find a classmate.
    3. You do not have to get the tutors' attention, we will come to you when we are available.
    4. Get out your notes, books or computers so that you are ready to talk to the tutor when they arrive.

    What to do when you arrive at the virtual drop-in centre in Zoom:

    1. Access the Virtual MLC drop-in centre via zoom
    2. There might be breakout rooms for specific courses.
      • If so, join the appropriate breakout room.
      • If there isn't a breakout room for your course, or there are no breakout rooms at all, just stay in the main room.
    3. There may be no tutor there at the time you arrive because they are helping face-to-face students as well. Be patient and a tutor will come.
      If a tutor is there in the Zoom, they may be talking to another student, so be patient and they will talk to you soon.
    4. Make sure you have open on your screen whatever will help the tutor to help you, such as your assignment instructions and your course notes so that they are ready when the tutor can talk to you.