Fundamental Maths

Maths builds on several fundamental concepts, which can be quite tricky to understand because there is nothing below them to build on.

These seminars cover some of these fundamental concepts so you can succeed better in courses that have them as prerequisites.

Fractions, decimals, rounding and scientific notion

This seminar discussed representing fractions using decimals, scientific notation and fractions. Rules for rounding, and some rules for working with fractions were discussed too.

Rearranging calculations

This seminar discussed the rules for working with numbers such as the order of operations, and how to rearrange calculations to make them easier. It also touched briefly on rearranging algebraic expressions involving letters.

Rearranging algebraic expressions

This seminar continues from the previous one to discuss working with algebraic expressions with letters in them, including working with fractions and a little on expanding multiplications involving brackets.

Rearranging formulas and solving equations

This seminar discussed rearranging formulas involving division and multiplication, as well as solving equations that involve a single unknown.

Working with exponentials and logarithms

This seminar discussed working with logarithms and exponentials, especially with regard to solving equations using them.

Linear equations and straight line graphs

This seminar discussed graphs of linear equations -- how to draw them, their standard forms and how to find their equations.