Bridging Program

MathTrackX is a program containing six Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which is offered as an XSeries on the edX platform. 

The program is recognised by the School of Mathematical Science as a prerequisite in place of SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods. It can also be undertaken simply to revise the content in high school mathematics. 


Previous offerings

MathTrackX is the online replacement for the previous MathsTrack self-paced course. Current students are able to continue with this program until 30 June 2020. 

Previously we also offered a course called MathsStart, which covered various topics from high school mathematics up to the end of Year 11. The resources for this course are still available for personal study.

Additional resources

All the resources for the old MathsTrack (and MathsStart) courses are available here on our website. The main resources are PDF booklets for each of the topics in the course, that contain explanations, examples and exercises with answers.

Anyone is able to access these resources and use them for personal study at any time. You do not need to contact us to use them for personal study, but note that the books are copyright, so we do want you to ask permission to use them to teach students of your own.