For Staff

We believes that the most effective help for students studying or using mathematics will happen when we work closely with other staff involved in the students' university experience.

We welcome teaching and professional staff to work closely with us to give the students the best experience of mathematics. Contact us to discuss how we can work together for your students.

Email us Call us: 8313 5862

Information to give to students

What students can talk to us about

  • Interpreting graphs, charts, or numerical information
  • Doing or understanding calculations
  • Using formulas or solving equations
  • A mathematical style of thinking or presentation of work, i.e. definitions, proofs, and logical arguements
  • Putting together mathematical ideas

The drop-in centre

One on one support for learning and using maths. Students can drop in, no appointment needed, sit down and someone will be over to talk and help out. 


We have a lot of resources available. 

Resources to help with assumed knowledge, recordings of seminars, video worked examples, etc. Resources are organised by university course and can be viewed on the resources page.

If your course does not appear, or you would like us to add or change anything in your course's page, please let us know.

Promoting our service

To include the MLC flyer in a welcome pack, or to make it available at your school office or other location:

Guest workshops and seminars

If it would benefit your students for us to visit lectures in person, please contact us and we will be happy to organise a time. In the past we have run workshops for students on particular mathematical assumed knowledge, exam revision workshops, study skills seminars and games sessions. We can modify any of our existing workshops and seminars, or create new ones.

Discussion and training for teaching

Our lecturers are experts in helping people learn, and love to discuss teaching practice with staff. If you want to discuss some aspect of teaching mathematics, please contact us. We can also run workshops for your tutoring staff.

We use an acronym in the MLC to help guide our staff to help students. Read SQWIGLES: A guide for action and reflection in one-on-one teaching or watch our 2017 SQWIGLES presenatation by David Butler, MLC Coordinator.

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