University Mental Health Day

Flip the Script for University Mental Health Day 7 May

University Mental Health Day (UMHD) is a day dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing among university students. This UMHD, the University of Adelaide will focus on "flipping the script" by encouraging the use of more self-compassionate language. This involves challenging negative self-talk and promoting a kinder, more understanding inner dialogue. To promote self-compassionate language on University Mental Health Day, wellbeing volunteers and staff will distribute snacks and examples of positive self-talk (how to flip the script) across campuses.

university mental health day

Instead of: "What if I fail the assignment?" Try: "What can I do to study effectively and perform well on the test?"

Instead of: "What if I don't get the job?" Try: "How can I improve my resume and interview skills to increase my chances of getting the job?"

Instead of: "What if I embarrass myself?" Try: "How can I approach this situation with confidence and grace?"

Instead of: "What if I get rejected?" Try: "What can I learn from this experience to grow and improve?"

Instead of: "What if I'm not good enough?" Try: "How can I build my skills and knowledge to become even better?"

Instead of: "What if they don't like me?" Try: "How can I show my best self and connect with others authentically?"

Instead of: "What if I can't handle it?" Try: "What resources and support do I have to help me navigate this challenge?"

Instead of: "What if I make a mistake?" Try: "How can I learn from any mistakes and use them to improve?"

Instead of: "What if I'm not successful?" Try: "What goals can I set and work towards to create my own definition of success?"

Instead of: "What if I never find my passion?" Try: "How can I explore different interests and experiences to discover what truly excites me?"

- Student Wellbeing Advisory Group