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Podcast - What messes with your head?

There are a lot of things that can make life difficult as a student, but you aren’t alone! Listen in to hear from current students who share thought-provoking, fun and informative conversations on themes like study stress, dating, neurodiversity, career anxiety and much more.

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Run by an incredible group of students, @uofastudentwellbeing has resources galore to help you navigate the challenges of student life. With practical tips, inspirational quotes and campaigns throughout the year, it's a great way to connect with like minded students and share your thoughts.

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Blog - What messes with your head?

With daily posts from the student perspective, connect with the blog, What messes with your head whilst eating breakfast, on the bus or while taking a break from study. The blogging team are studying in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses across all 3 Faculties. Lots of things can 'mess with your head' and knowing you're not alone can help you ask for support.

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Our student social media team

  • Manikya


    I'm Manikya, a social media editor for the Student Health and Wellbeing Team! 

    I'm in my second year of Environmental Engineering and Finance, and I love my degree. I'm from India, and I moved to Adelaide earlier this year. I've been loving my time here! 

    A wellbeing tip from me - as strange as it may sound coming from a social media editor, sometimes you just need to disconnect. I highly recommend taking a regular break from all the screens and stimulating your brain with another activity like going for a quick stroll, catching up with a friend face to face or even doing some arts and crafts!

  • Taylor

    Photo of person smiling at camera with brown top and grasslands in background

    I'm Taylor and I am one of the bloggers for What Messes With Your Head!

    I'm in my final year of studying English, Philosophy, and Media.

    My wellbeing tip is to spend time with your pets to cheer you up - a cuddle from my cat always makes me feel better! If you don't or can't have pets, you could walk a friend's dog!

  • Ember

    Photo of person wearing glasses, smiling at camera, in black and white

    I’m Ember, one of the bloggers for What Messes With Your Head.

    I’m currently an HDR student in the School of Psychology. I’m from Manila in the Philippines but have been living in Adelaide for the past 13 years.

    A wellbeing tip that never fails me is to breathe. It’s such a simple, yet powerful thing to mindfully do. Breathing is the first step to being able to take a moment for yourself, feel the feelings you need to feel, and then take action and do things for yourself and others.

  • Sophia

    Photo of person, sunglasses on head holding a goat kid at a market

    Hello! My name is Sophia and I am a social media content creator for the Student Health and Wellbeing Team.

    I am a second year Veterinary Bioscience student and I attend my classes at Roseworthy Campus. I just moved to Adelaide earlier this year from Singapore. I am half Singaporean and half Korean.

    One wellbeing tip I have is to try not to compare yourself to others. Although it can be discouraging to see others excelling in a particular task while you can’t seem to grasp it as well, try to remember that everybody has their own strengths and weakness, and that it is perfectly okay to ask for help. There is no shame in taking the time to learn things at your own pace!

  • John

    Photo of person smiling, facial hair, wearing a jacket and jumper with poster in the background

    Hey! I’m John, and I’m one of the co-hosts on the What Messes with Your Head podcast.

    I’m all about making music, enabling creativity and living a healthy work life! I’m also a music producer for a couple of Adelaide video game studios and am currently studying Sonic Arts at Adelaide Uni.

    One wellbeing tip I have learned over the years: it is well worth practicing the skill of setting time boundaries around your work life. It’s not about how much you can achieve in a short time, it’s about having a long and healthy career.

  • Asirah

    Photo of a person smiling, hair in ponytails wearing white top with gardens in the background

    My name is Asirah. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a blogger for What Messes with Your Head.

    I’m currently in the third year of my Bachelor of Laws degree so I’ve been in Adelaide for 3 years now!

    A wellbeing tip that always works for me is to spend some time in the sun whether that be going on walks, reading at the beach or simply just sitting outside. The difference it makes is incredible!

  • Steph

    Photo of a persom smiling with eyes closed standing next to a car door with countryside in the background, blue skies

    Howdy - I'm Steph, one of the co-hosts on the What Messes with Your Head podcast!

    Communication in all forms is my bread and butter, and I have a huge passion for making both mental wellbeing and science communication more accessible for everyone.

    My wellbeing tip? Find some time to move. There are so many awesome ways to get your body moving - some people run, some dance, some do Live Action Role Playing (I personally like swimming, walking and weightlifting). Your body was made to move and it's unbelievable how much a little more exercise can really help your headspace.


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