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Of flights and fun facts

A crow perched on a rock.

If you’re in your first year, chances are you’re going to have to go around the room and introduce yourself.

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Help, I’m procrastinating

blogpic, pixabay, stones, jar, flowers

Winter is here and for some reason, it’s so tempting to retreat into hibernation season.

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Reasons to love winter

Bird's eye view of coffee in a girl's hands

As much as I tell myself how I absolutely detest the cold and will always prefer a scorching summer's day, there's a handful of perks that come with the rainy season that I like to remind myself of when the wet weather gets me down.

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Facing my grades

grey background with an F grade drawn in white chalk

I got one of my final essays back this week. It was… surprising, to say the least.

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This week I realized that I can’t do my dishes or sort my laundry without listening to a podcast or a recorded webinar.

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A trip to Swan Valley

A barn.

There’s something so rewarding about driving through a small country town after spending 30 minutes on the highway.

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Combatting demotivation

Young man in a green jumper on a leather couch using a remote controller

How do you shake that horridly sluggish feeling of not wanting to do what you set out to do?

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Adventure is out there

A set of keys in the lock of an open door

I spend my last day in Adelaide in the student hub of the university with my favourite soy matcha latte, wondering what's next for me.

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New semester, new problems

A group of empty chairs in a classroom, facing a screen and a lecture.

When I first started at uni, the start of a new semester was exciting. But now, I find myself associating it with stress.

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Making friends as an international student

Friends written with Scribble blocks

With another round of the semester coming up, it’s that time of the year again to summon our best social-selves and get acquainted with our new classmates.

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