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Wellbeing in culture

A group of students sitting together on the lawn.

I’ve always found culture to be a fascinating thing.

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Picnics at the park

A picnic set-up.

During my first few weeks in Adelaide, I was amazed by this thing that the locals seem to do.

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Saying no

friends walking on the beack

I’ve only recently watched the Friends Reunion. It’s a show I literally have seen so many times over they years but I never tire of.

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Letter writing for the soul

A messy wooden tabletop with some books, an analogue clock, a brown messenger bag, a pot of pencils, as well as ink and a fountain pen.

Why send a letter when we can send a text?

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My break thus far

Girl on a road trip.

How I spend my break as an international student. 

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Let's blame Mercury

The sun in the solar system, illuminating nearby planets.

Everyone's favourite scapegoat right now.

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Endless small talk

three individuals chatting and laughing

Especially when it comes to meeting new people, small talk can be hard to get the hang of.

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Public speaking

photo of microphone

Question time is always the part of presenting at conferences that gives me really bad 'stage fright'.

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Trust yourself

photo of person holding a cup, face partially obscured

Imposter syndrome. It’s a bit unpleasant because what you really need when you’re attempting a Ph.D. is belief in yourself.

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Stuck in a cycle

Looking at a white spiral stairway with dark wood railings from below.

In an era where trends are moving faster than ever, they are not always accessible or realistic to follow. It’s not easy to switch up your bedroom from minimalist Scandinavian architecture to eclectic art interiors. 

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