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Another sando review

Our tuna mayo baguette and croque monsieur.

Maison Clement review.

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Studying with a chronic illness: PCOS awareness month

Woman relaxing on chair while looking out window

In light of PCOS awareness month, I wanted to touch on the study experience while living with chronic illness. 

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Beach picnic weather

Yes, it is still a tad bit too cold to go into the ocean, but how gorgeous have these Spring days been? My friends and I could not help but spend our lunch break at Glenelg Beach (the tram makes it oh so easy)! We grabbed a yiros from Jetty Road, sat in a shady spot on the grass, and enjoyed this time together. Safety should always be a top priority when enjoying the beach. Here's how to ensure a safe day under the sun:

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Budgeting: making your dough go the extra mile

Chicken and mushroom

Who hasn't been down that money-stretching road in uni, right?

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My 5 to 9

Teddy bear sleeping on a bed.

After my 9 to 5.

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Balancing work and study

Sometimes being a uni student is like being a professional juggler; trying to keep those academic and work balls up in the air without dropping any.

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When progress isn’t linear

A graph.

Heart breaking, truly but maybe it’s for the better.

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Hay fever rant (and a salad recipe)

Having hay fever is like attending a peculiar and unpredictable symphony of sneezes and sniffles, orchestrated by an invisible conductor called pollen.

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Recovering from burnout 

Woman swimming in a body of water.

You and I know we need it. 

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Here’s what I learned from the recent podcast on how to combat microaggressions.

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