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Disrupted circadian rhythm

Cat sleeping on a bed.

When your sleep-wake cycle is broken, it can have bad impacts on your day.

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On dating

I enjoyed the podcast chat Steph and John had about dating. It was insightful - a glimpse into a world I decided to leave, many years ago. I thought about how different it all seemed to be now, but also how familiar sounding. What sounds to not have changed much at all is the desire to find that seemingly elusive meaningful connection. 

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When your hobbies become a chore

stack of 5 notebooks in 2 piles with page divider ribbons hanging down

Reading so much for class often prevents me from doing so in my free time.

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Fred again.. refreshed my morning

Man playing piano

"When Fred again.. first proposed a Tiny Desk concert, it wasn’t immediately clear how he was going to make it work — not because he lacked creativity, but because translating purely electronic music at the Desk is a daunting task for anyone."

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In defence of the capacious bag

A person holding a large bag.

Not all gargantuan bags are ludicrous, especially to us laymen.

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Parliament visit

Lady Justice.

Touring the Parliament of South Australia with ISS.

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Junk food junkie

A junk food burger, with flames behind it.

I've been indulging a bit too much lately.

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On migraines & head pain

A man holds his head, looking stressed.

Getting a migraine can completely ruin your day. 

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Should we be scared of ageing?

An elderly person holding hands with an infant.

I enjoy get ready with me (grwm) videos as much as the next person. So much so that I sometimes talk to my bathroom mirror as though I’m a guest on Vogue’s Beauty Secret. It adds a little fun to my 3-step skincare routine.

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Aesthetics and identity

DJ Vinyl Turntable in Club

A time, or a place, or a group of friends, or a general aesthetic that just resonates with you and you can’t quite capture why.

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