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How to make new friends at university

Six people standing in front of a great mountain and river view with the sun shining above them

Making new friends is difficult. Especially when starting a new year at university and you do not know anyone.

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Missing my PhD crew

Gather around because today, we're diving into a bittersweet tale – the story of missing those awesome friends who've already graduated.

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The fringe

Flying blue and purple confetti

The Fringe is back and so is uni.

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Moving house

Mini house with key chain

Moving to a new place can be a lot of change. 

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Overcoming February disease

the men talking

Tips for returning to school after the long break.

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As the heat rises and the academic dust settles, it's time to dive into the ultimate adventure: the staycation.

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Re-starting the study mindset

Girl with face in a book

It's time to fire up the study engines again!

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A complete guide to survive the return to school

A table view filled with various school supplies

As the start of the new semester gets closer and closer, it’s about that time to get organised. 

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You win one, lose a few

person walks on country road

My Dad always said, you win one and lose a few.

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A new routine for a new year

Woman stretches in bed

Let's set some intentions for the new year!

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