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On the terrace

music notes sheet

On The Terrace is a pop-up music experience on North Terrace showcasing 40 musicians!

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Lessons from the first semester

woman in the bookshop

My strategies to make my classes next semester more invigorating.

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Seeing a psych

One red robot helps another.

After months of struggling to secure a mental health plan—and much, much longer struggling with my mental health—I have finally been seeing a psychologist.

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Twenty journal prompt ideas

Someone writing in a journal while sitting on grass

The most difficult aspect of journaling is deciding on what to write about.

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Social inclusion week

What is social inclusion?

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Favourite places to refresh

hat and wagon on beach

Some places in Adelaide I find reinvigorating. 

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Navigating self-care as the semester winds down: A guide to finish strong

What does self-care look like as the end of the year approaches?

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What's next?

A plane flies in a sunset sky.

The big question right now: what's next?

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Making and breaking habits

A woman holding an apple in one hand and a donut in the other

Habits. A regular, behavioural tendency or practice, especially one that is difficult to give up.

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Making friends beyond campus

Uni life is a rollercoaster ride filled with opportunities, and one of the best ones is connecting with the local community. For international students, it's a chance to make friends beyond the uni bubble and truly embrace the culture of your new home. Here, some of us recall what we did during our first few years in Adelaide as an international student and talk about how you can dive into the local scene and build meaningful connections outside of campus.

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