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A Muslim student in Adelaide

The dome of a mosque.

So here's my experience studying abroad as a Muslim.

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How do I perceive my grades?

A person sitting at a desk with a laptop and writing in a notebook.

I embarrassingly cried over a grade last week... for an assignment that I wasn't even proud of.

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Ph.D. guilt

photo of a boardwalk down to the beach with sea in the distance

I recently came across an old blog post written in 2014 by a Ph.D. student. The title was, ‘Ph.D. guilt and shame’. Even without fully reading the post, I felt as some of my experiences as a Ph.D. student were validated.

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Feeling overwhelmed and paralysed

A laptop and phone are placed atop a park bench with sticky notes fully covering the laptop screen.

The assessments just seem to keep coming.

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Getcha head in the game 

A person writing in a notebook.

Finding a way to stay focused.

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Just write now

Pencils and Todolists on desk.

Some days it’s a real struggle to just start writing.

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Guilty leisure 

Cat sleeping on a bed.

Have you ever really taken a break?

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Do I have to be “that girl”?

a bright minimally decorated grey-toned apartment with large windows

Do I have to wake up in a picturesque city apartment at 5 am? Do I have to go to the gym before my uni classes? Do I have to spend an hour every night doing skincare to be accomplished in my life? 

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Always here for each other?

A person helps another person climb up a hill, with the sunset behind them.

I think always being there for each other is an important foundation of friendship but sometimes, always feel a bit too much.

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Adieu winter

A field of flowers

Studying in Australia has taught me a lot of things – the culture, the law (duh!), the food but mostly I learnt a lot about myself. Namely, I will always be a tropical girl at heart. 

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