Excitement for spring

person reading a book by the ocean

Beach reading

Blooming flowers, warmer days and Lorde dropping Solar Power as her single all point towards the emergence of spring.

As a girl hailing from the ever hot and humid country of Malaysia, I was born and raised to adapt to the heat but as I’ve experienced two full winters now, I’ve come to appreciate the sun and warmth even more than I ever had before. So as we bid winter goodbye and welcome spring, I can’t wait to finally shift into my natural tropical form and do the things that are synonymous with the season.

Breaking Out My Dresses and Skirts

I’ve had a good three months of wearing my beloved knit sweaters and coats but I think the time has come for me to shove them into the closet until next winter. I’m done with layering my outfits and constantly checking the temperature before I leave yet still freezing while I wait for my bus at the stop. I have outfits full of airy dresses, midi skirts and baby tees planned in my head ready to be brought to life. 

People Watching on Café Terraces

Back home, my dad would insist that we dine outside the restaurants while he and mum told us made-up elaborate stories of the strangers that passed by. I used to hate it when he made us sit outside because as I’ve mentioned, it’s hot and humid in Malaysia so you’re sweating even before your food gets to the table. But I loved laughing with them over our fictional stories. I look forward to carrying on that little thing we used to do here as I sit on the café’s terrace watching people go about their lives over my iced chai latté.

Joining a Moon Cake Making Class

The Mooncake Festival is happening this September and I coincidentally stumbled upon a mooncake cooking class while I was deleting emails from my inbox. I’m not one to pass up free classes, especially one that’ll teach me how to make a traditional delicacy that is full of history! Bursting with excitement, I hit up my friend and we both signed up for it. Now we patiently wait for the mid-semester break to roll in… 

Reading at The Beach

To me, nothing screams spring/summer than reading on the beach. The past gloomy and wet months have made it almost impossible to enjoy reading outside, let alone at the beach, so I can’t wait to pick up a new book from my long list of TBRs and take the tram to Glenelg. I’ve learned my lesson to not bring any snacks with me while I’m reading at the beach unless I want those pesky seagulls to steal them so I’ll just grab some $1 frozen Fantas and chips afterward. If it’s really sunny that day, I’ll definitely take a dip in the ocean.

Going on a Trip

I don’t have a solid plan yet but I want to go somewhere this mid-semester break. So far, I’m looking at the first mid-sem break with no assignments due during the two-week period so I really want to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Since it’s getting warmer, it only seems fitting to drive down the coast – maybe take a cruise along Hindmarsh River or jump into the waters of Victor Harbour. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll probably say yes to a camping trip but we’ll see how it pans out as we get closer to the break. For now, I’ll be reading every article I can find on Fleurieu Peninsula.

There are just so many things to look forward to this spring. It’s the start of a new season after all, one that I hope will be filled with weekends at the beach and sunny days on campus! The sunnier days will invite us to crawl out of our hibernation and leave the greyness of winter behind.

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