Would I survive on Survivor?



The finale of Survivor has aired and it’s got me thinking – would I make it far? Maybe I’d be voted out first tribal? Or could I make it to the end? Survivor is a fascinating reality TV show because you must be very physically, mentally and socially strong.  

I watched Survivor as a child back when it was just the US seasons but in recent years, the hype has reached the shores of Australia. During my final years of high school, I watched Survivor avidly (goodbye homework). Despite not keeping up with this year’s season, I watched the finale and reflected upon how I’d play the ‘game of Survivor’.

You’re either a Survivor fan or not – and based on your level of interest in this show, you may or may not relate to my following thoughts (or understand the lingo). Foremost, I would not be a ‘challenge beast’ – I’m not physically strong or have great stamina. However, I believe I'd work well in a team and with challenges that involve good precision or puzzles. Most importantly, I would try my best to never let my team down.

The social game is one of the most fascinating elements on Survivor – you must be likeable… but not too likeable that people believe you’re a threat to their game. I would find it hard to lie or manipulate, especially if I’ve developed a good friendship with somebody. But I would also hate to ‘fly under the radar’ until the end (so maybe I would 'backstab').

It’s not unrealistic to say that I could totally see myself mentally deteriorate from having to live off rice and coconuts for weeks (which could result in me begging to leave the game). I’d also be hopeless with creating fires or shelter but I'd ensure I show everyone I’m capable (we can't be slacking)! I suspect I’d become very grumpy and low energy from living off the bare minimum which would impact my physical abilities and social game.

If I found an immunity idol, I think I would keep it to myself and try to ‘blindside’ everyone else. But also, I would consider playing the idol for someone else if it helped my game. Tribal Council’s would stress me out, I’d feel so paranoid about whether I’d be the next one to be voted out which may cause me to question the strategy I have for voting.

Being a contestant on Survivor is not for the light-hearted, it requires great resilience and strength. Could you outwit, outlast and outplay everyone else?

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