Hectic holidays

Field of canola flowers

Canola fields

It's mid-semester break at last but it seems like I just don't have any time for well...holidaying! (Author: Yasmine)

Semester two is always super exhausting for me - 8 weeks of lectures, tutorials and assignments is that tiny bit too much at this time of year. Worse yet, it feels like I don't really have any holidays. They've been filled with training, assignments, my internship and field trips. It always seems to end up like that doesn't it?

So, while I expect to be pretty busy over the holidays, I have made a commitment to at least go somewhere on the mid-weekend. I feel like Covid-19 has made travelling and seeing SA quite hard and the opportunity to take a road trip is really quite exciting.

Some things I am really keen to see are:
- Canola flower fields (be mindful that these fields are farmland so you should never cross the fence into private property. Take photos and admire from afar).
- Hahndorf
- Second Valley Beach
- Victor Harbor

Even when I am at my busiest, I know it's super important to try and make time to relax but then again, it is easier said than done. Even if I just get one of these places ticked off my list, I would be pretty satisfied.

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