The dreaded dental visit

First person perspective as a patient with a dentist holding tweezers and a metal stick with a light overhead

I am more than a little embarrassed to admit that yesterday was the first time I had been to the dentist in over two years.

Yep, it is pretty bad. Or as my partner says, “that’s no good.” 

But hear me out. It’s a habit that I am working on getting into. As a kid, dentists meant inevitably getting fillings done and enduring the social shame of the dentist knowing that your parents let you drink unlimited soft drink. Also, as a student, they’re soooo expensive. My whole visit was just a check-up and clean and some x-rays and cost over $300. That’s not easy money when you’re fending for yourself.

As an adult, they’ve been better but I still associate them with the sharp acrid smell of alcohol and the chill of sterile metal poking at your teeth. Don’t even get me started on the drills. Dentophobia (n): fear of dentists, is a common phobia among people of all ages. But this week with the encouragement of my partner and a little self-rallying, I made a booking.

I have to admit, walking into the practice my heart was pounding and shivers kept wracking me. I don’t think I had ever been to a dentist by myself. My dentist for the day was really nice though, which no offence to dentists of the world, kind of surprised me. He explained everything he did and showed me the x-rays of my wisdom teeth, which are being as pesky as they’re renowned for. He was just very calm about everything and non-judgemental.

In the future I think it is going to make looking after my physical wellbeing (my food chompers!) a lot less difficult, knowing that I can come back to someone who makes me feel even a little bit at ease. And yes, I am definitely going to be heading back for a check-up before the two years is up. That is a habit I would like to keep for sure.



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