Review: 4 brilliant TED talks

A speaker microphone illuminated by yellow light.

Here is my collation of the 4 best TED talks for self development or even if you’re a little curious about the mechanisms of the world.

It is a universally accepted truth that TED talks are awesome. Well I definitely think so at least. That being said there are some really bad ones out there. Nevertheless, at times when I am struggling with channel surfing or Netflix overchoice anxiety, TEDs have always been a trusty backup.

I love that you can learn things at times, feel really deep things at others and sometimes just laugh. They’re a beautifully rehearsed story that just puts me at ease and changes my mindset on life…anyway, I will stop babbling and actually SHOW you the TED talks that changed my perspective on life.

Number 1

10 Things you didn’t know about orgasm - Mary Roach

*Mindblown* Ummm how do we literally know nothing about our own bodies? Sexual liberation here we come (Pun intended).

Number 2

Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or Not - Hannah Gadsby

Literal goddess of comedy, Hannah Gadsby’s summary of the rule of three (a literary device) is so simple it will make you laugh and rethink the reason WHY you laughed!

Number Three

My stroke of insight - Jill Bolte Taylor

Imagine being a neuroscientist and watching your own stroke live on screen as it pulls away aspects of your cognitive function? To me, it’s a reminder of just how fragile we all are and how amazing life actually is. Creepy or awesome? You decide.

Number Four

How language shapes the way we think - Lera Boroditsky

This one makes the list because I love linguistics and how culture and language intertwine. While this is one is a bit more centred on the northern hemisphere, there are so many fascinating examples of the importance of language right here with Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander languages, of which there are over 800 different dialects.

I hope you get the chance to watch some of these talks and maybe even direct me to some of your favourites. Humans are always learning and there is nothing more valuable and uplifting than listening to other peoples stories.

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