Lightyear & nostalgia

A Buzz Lightyear figurine dressed in green and purple, in front of a lit up background.

I went to watch Disney Pixar's Lightyear at the cinema last weekend for some Toy Story nostalgia, and I absolutely loved it.

Sure, it is technically a kid's movie, but so many people from my demographic are flocking to the cinemas right now to see the new Toy Story prequel, Lightyear. A group of us went to see it too, having loved the Toy Story franchise as kids.

Of course, the cinema we went to was filled mainly with families and children. That is to say, only families and children. Possibly, the most embarrassing part was that we were definitely laughing the hardest (and I even cried...). I was actually quite surprised too at the complexity of some of the plot elements, which dealt with time travel, and had to keep prodding my boyfriend to ask 'wait, what's going on?'.

We came out of the theatre raving about how much we loved it to the staff cleaning up afterwards. We especially loved the robot cat Sox, who was adorable and hilarious. But it made me consider: surely anyone can appreciate a good animated movie, even if it is intended for children? Especially when there are so many which are targeting people my age (like the Incredibles sequel from a few years back). There was even quite an adult joke in the film, which surprised us!

The best part about watching a kid's movie is the nostalgia. I definitely miss these types of films, and the happiness you feel from their satisfying endings. There is the realisation that you can still love these types of movies at any age, because they are just so much fun. Especially Lightyear, since there is diverse representation and themes of family and friendship.

So during the uni break, go out and watch Lightyear if you want a fun, action cartoon movie. Or at least, enjoy a throwback and watch a kid's movie!


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