Adieu winter

A field of flowers

Studying in Australia has taught me a lot of things – the culture, the law (duh!), the food but mostly I learnt a lot about myself. Namely, I will always be a tropical girl at heart. 

I used to curse the sun and the sweltering heat that blanketed Malaysia, making it one big oven but as I’ve spent 3 winters now in Adelaide, I find myself wishing for the sun to make a comeback faster each year. To say I hate winter is an untrue statement. I do enjoy it; I think it has a certain charm that the warmer months could never offer. From everything stereotypical like having hot chocolate in between classes, bundling up in sweaters, praying you get seated near the heaters on a night out eating in town, driving through Adelaide hills, and blowing air into your hands to keep them warm. 

The events that take place around town also adds to the romanticisation of winter even more. Walking around the city on a Friday night as light works dazzle and sparkle around us, going ice skating (sans the ice) under the stars and roasting marshmallows over a fire are all the things that my younger self longed to experience. It’s also always exciting to welcoming those first few weeks of cold and rainy weather after baking in the heat for 6 months. But as the heaters get cranked up and the temperature outside begins to drop, that’s when the winter blues kick in. Then you realise you have 3 whole months of this to get through.

I’m positive that the lack of sunlight mixed with being forced to cancel plans and stay inside because of the constant and heavy rain has contributed to my developing seasonal depression. Not only were the days gloomy but my mood sure was on most days this past winter. I felt so unmotivated during a lot of winter, as I’m sure a lot of you did too, or understand how it felt. It’s like you wake up feeling good for your 9am class and all sudden, you step out of the house and the rain just devours you whole. Now you have to walk into class all damp and soggy and cold like a bag of old McDonald’s fries.  

So because of that, I’m ready to bid goodbye to winter and usher in the spring season! Although it doesn’t quite feel like that yet with the clouds and rains still visiting almost every day, it has gotten warmer and the sun has started to grace us. Time to defrost, baby!

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